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Caleb Wilkerson

I am committed to not just work for my clients but serve them with integrity, passion and excellent communication.
Growing up an Army brat, and recently relocating to Florida in 2022, I know the stress and pressure relocating across the country can bring.
Having lived in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas and now Florida. I know first hand, the last thing a client wants to think about is if their Realtor is handling their transaction with care.
Much like Selling a home, relocating or just moving across town, life is a series of opportunities to move forward and grow and I am dedicated to help all my clients achieve that.

Prior to the start of real estate career, I learned the value of hard work mixed with customer service working for UPS as a delivery driver for 12 years.
Long days in the Oklahoma heat and the rush of the holiday season taught me how to serve people with a smile, even when the day was exhausting.
In 2017, my family and I experienced the greatest challenge we've ever faced as we lost our 8 year old son tragically in a car wreck.
This experience forever changed me as a man, husband and father as I leaned into my faith in Christ to lead my family through our lowest valley.
I carried the lessons I learned from that experience with me as I started my real estate career in 2020.
I learned to slow down, and actually listen to what my clients are saying, to hear their goals and needs. I learned to love people well.
I also learned that although I am in the sales industry, I strive to treat every client as more than just a transaction.
I strive to view every client as a valued relationship, and we are all working together to achieve the same goal.
I can promise you, when you choose to work with me, you’re working with someone who has an indomitable spirit and view on whatever may arise in a transaction.

I am excited to serve you, as you make the decision to move forward, grow and begin a new adventure with me as your Realtor.
I am here to serve you and help guide you every step of the way.
Please give a call or text today!

Awards & Designations

LP-TMS: Target Marketing Specialist

Caleb Wilkerson
Downtown Office
220 W Garden St. Suite 125
Pensacola FL 32502

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