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Monthly Archives: December 2020

    4 Reasons Why the Election Won’t Dampen the Housing Market

    By Brooke Swearingen | December 21, 2020

    4 Reasons Why the Election Won’t Dampen the Housing Market Tomorrow, Americans will decide our President for the next four years. That decision will have a major impact on many aspects of life in this country, but the residential real estate market will not be one of them. Analysts will try to measure the impact... Read More

    Financial Benefits of Homeownership: Family Wealth

    By Brooke Swearingen | December 21, 2020

    While growing up, we were taught by our parents and grandparents that owning a home is a financially savvy move. They explained how a mortgage is like a “forced savings plan.” When you pay rent, that money is lost forever. When you make a mortgage payment, much of that money accumulates as equity in the... Read More

    How Remote Work Can Power Your Vacation Home Sale

    By Emily Woodson | December 14, 2020

    This year, the opportunity to work remotely has increased the demand for vacation homes. Gay Cororaton, Senior Economist and Director of Housing and Commercial Research at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) notes: “Working from home is a positive factor in demand for vacation homes.” Buyers are taking advantage of the fact that working from home might be someplace... Read More

    Is Buying a Home Affordable with Surging Home Prices?

    By Emily Woodson | December 2, 2020

    Housing inventory is at an all-time low. just reported that there are 39% fewer homes for sale today than there were last year. At the same time, buyer demand remains strong. In a recent newsletter, research analyst Ivy Zelman explained: “Although the headwind of severe supply constraints in most markets has contributed to slight moderation in seasonally-adjusted and year-over-year new... Read More