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9 Things You Need To Do Before Buying In Gulf Breeze!

Buying any home can be extremely complex, and each area comes with it’s individual complexities. That is why we have made the following list for the Gulf Breeze area, a sort of go-to list for things you should do before you sign on the dotted line and purchase your Gulf Breeze Home!

  1. Find a Great Realtor.

This is first because it is so critical, especially in Gulf Breeze. Hiring a Realtor that understands the community, the benefits, the neighborhoods, and someone that can help you get pre-approved through a local lender is critical. A good Realtor will help you steer clear of many homebuyer mistakes.


They can help you find a home that fits your lifestyle.


  1. Get a line with a good, local lender – and get preapproved.

Let your Realtor help you find a good, local lender and get pre-approved. This often helps with a smooth closing.


  1. Create your wish list, and then prioritize it.

What is the most valuable to you: size of your new home, proximity to the water, school districts, restaurants, entertainment, downtown? All of these things can be on your wish list but homebuyers that have already prioritized their wishes do the best when searching for a new home, and understanding what they are looking for in a new home.


  1. Visit the neighborhood and home during different times of the day and week to see what living on the street would be like.

Is there a ton of traffic? Playmates for your kids? If you are wondering what a neighborhood is like, visit during the week at different times and soak in the neighborhood that you’ll soon be living in before you sign!


  1. Review your finances and understand the accurate cost of home-ownership.

Insurance, association dues, electricity, water, garbage. It’s a great idea to add up all of these cost so you know approximately what you will be dealing with once you purchase your home.

Condo & HOA Rules // Fees

It’s very important to make sure you understand home owner’s association rules and regulations before you buy a home, and that you understand the annual dues association with those associations.


  1. Request full disclosure and a professional home inspection.

A proper home inspection cost anywhere from $300-$600 depending on the home size. It’s critical to hire a licensed, professional home inspector to ensure you understand exactly what you are purchasing.


  1. Understand your options.

If you are an avid boater and are considering installing a massive dock to benefit your boating adventures, check the HOA regulations and local zoning and make sure you can install your dream dock before purchasing the home. Considering adding on to the home? Make sure you can get the correct permitting for that area, and that the HOA will allow the garage / dock or mini-golf course of your dreams to be built.


  1. Know Your New Home // Think through or write down any questions you may have before you go to the showing.

Know what questions you should ask when viewing the listing with your Realtor. Common things you will want to cover in Gulf Breeze are: make sure you ask what flood zones your new home is located in, what are the insurance rates associated with those. Also, it may be beneficial to check and find out if it flooded in the great 2014 flood. What type of wiring does the home have? What school district is it in? What’s the homes proximity to water and recreation facilities? Review the necessary amenities based on your family, if you have children what daycare will you use, barber, sports associations, etc.


  1. No Sudden Moves!

Remember during the home process your finances, your purchases, your credit is under scrutiny. Don’t open any new credit cards, loans, or purchase a car as this could send red flags and derail your purchase process.

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