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Back to the Community: Philanthropy at Levin Rinke Realty.

As Levin Rinke Realty continues to grow, the commitment to the community does as well. The brokerage has strived to be the gold standard of customer service and real estate excellence in Gulf Breeze. “But with great sales comes great responsibility, a responsibility to give back to a community that trust us everyday with their business.” says Philanthropy Director & Brokerage Owner Teri Levin. “And that’s a responsibility Levin Rinke Realty takes very serious.” Levin Rinke Realty participates in a wide range of non-profit and charity events each year and donates to even more.

Some of these include: Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, Sacred Heart Children’s Foundation, Splendor on the Sound, and many more. “We should all have a social responsibility to the community of which we are beneficiaries.” said Realtor Cherry Fitch. “The thing I love about our company culture is that there is an expectation that we get involved in the community in any way we can. And we do get involved: through volunteer hours, manpower, and financial giving. There’s no other company that compares in this arena. Levin Rinke Realty really loves and believes in our community and that’s something I am really proud of.”

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