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  • Experts From #1 Brokerage Reveal 10 Ways Home Sellers Attract More Buyers

Experts From #1 Brokerage Reveal 10 Ways Home Sellers Attract More Buyers

Experts from #1 Brokerage Reveal 10 Ways Home Sellers Attract More Buyers

With so many people flocking to our beautiful, vibrant region, homes are selling.

As the #1 independent real estate brokerage in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, and Pensacola Beach, Levin Rinke Realty has achieved $210 million in sales to date. Over the 20+ years we’ve been in business, Levin Rinke has sold more than $2.5 billion in real estate.

If you are looking to sell, take a moment to gather 10 essential tips from our experts so that you grab positive attention from buyers and benefit optimally from the current market.

  1. Make a good first impression. 

From Susie Smith, Realtor and Military Relocation Professional:

“We aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but in all reality, we do. When buyers pull up to your home, the facade is the first thing they see. The first impression is pivotal, so you want to make it great! Be sure the yard looks maintained, exterior walls and doors are free of stains or obvious imperfections, and the front-door lock works well. Think for a second what might go through a potential buyer’s mind if the realtor has to jiggle the door open: This place has not been kept up! That first impression sets the tone for the rest of the showing.”

  1. Don’t completelyde-personalize your home.

From Larry Kuhn, Realtor:

“Your goal as a seller is to make your potential buyers feel as though your place could become their home. That’s why I typically ask clients to take down all the photos and kids’ artwork covering the fridge, as well as the countless trophies and other memorabilia that clutter bookshelves. Too much personalization overwhelms and distracts buyers. However, some personal touches help tell the story of the home and the family. Leave a few personal items to make a home seem livable and loved, and give buyers a good feeling.”

  1. Give each room a purpose.

From Amanda Hurd, Realtor:

“Empty rooms can make a house feel cold and uninviting. In contrast, a few simple pieces of furniture add warmth and convey a room’s purpose. Items in the right place spark ideas of how others could use the space. Not everyone has the ability to envision possibilities without being prompted. Therefore, if you have an empty room, consider transforming it into an additional family room or a home office.”

  1. Utilize lighting.

From Larry Kuhn, Realtor:

“Avoid excess window treatments like drapes, sheers and blinds. Instead, lighten up on fabric and other coverings to allow natural lighting inside. Natural lighting not only makes interior spaces feel larger, but it also brings the outdoors in—something today’s buyers desire. In addition to natural lighting, don’t forget about your home’s ambient, task, and accent lighting. The more light, the better. I like to advise my clients to replace all the bulbs with LEDs and to open window and shutters or blinds to allow ambient lighting for photographers. Also, remember to turn on every light in the house during a showing to make your home feel open and inviting.”

  1. Highlight storage.

From Jeremy Johnson, Realtor and Sales Manager:

“Buyers will be scouting for storage space. They want to know where they can store their own personal items, such as clothes, collectibles, and other miscellaneous objects. Here’s a secret: Make your closets look half empty. Declutter them by taking out half of your clothing and organize what is left.”

  1. Eliminate bad odors.

From Cherry Fitch, Mark Lee Team Realtor:

“When preparing to sell your home, count on replacing any carpet or removing any furniture that reeks of odors to which you’ve grown nose blind. You might not mind the lingering scent of your dog Roscoe in the family room, but buyers probably won’t like it. Yes, you need to start afresh. Simply spraying your house with air fresheners masks unpleasant odors, but not in a good way. While on the topic of Roscoe, also remember to hide all signs of your pet(s), including your dog’s water bowl or cat’s litterbox.”

  1. Use color creatively.

From Mark Lee, Realtor:

“Paint over that Florida State Seminole on the wall of your man cave, and cover up the Barbie purple in your daughter’s childhood room. Don’t paint everything white, however. White walls make a room seem stark. Instead, appeal to a larger number of buyers by choosing an on-trend, neutral hue. To add color without overusing it, toss a few decorative pillows on the coach or place an area rug in the office.”

3.Optimize traffic flow. 

From Gary Michael, Mark Lee Team Realtor:

“Avoid overcrowding a room with large and excessive furniture. I always suggest this interior design rule of thumb: Allow three feet of space between a coffee table and a sofa, as well as between a chair and a wall. When considering furniture arrangements, always apply the ‘less is more’ formula. Most people have entirely too much furniture and accessories in their rooms. Less makes the space seem larger, calmer, and more inviting.”

  1. Make repairs.

From Jessica Duncan, Realtor:

“Adopt the attitude of a buyer and then do a walk-through of your house. As you notice the dirty baseboards and the leaky kitchen faucet (believe me, potential buyers will!), create a honey-do list. Before listing your home, do tackle the related chores so that you earn a greater return on your investment. Don’t spend a bunch of money on major repairs before talking to a realtor, who can help you avoid costly mistakes. I always like to see the initial state of the home before any renovations have taken place so that I can guide the homeowner in the right direction.”

  1. Hire a Great Realtor.

From Walter K. Pierce, Broker Salesman:

“Save time and money by getting the best realtor you can find and trust. The process of purchasing and selling a home should be fun and exciting, not expensive and stressful! You need a working relationship with a Realtor and his/her team of professionals, focused on your best interest, for every step of the transaction.”

Debi Freed, Realtor:

“Finding a good Realtor is essential to enjoying a painless real estate transaction. Agents who are experienced and well educated can ensure that the seller is able to list the property for the maximum amount. The Realtor will also negotiate on behalf of the seller. The art of negotiation is paramount to every real estate deal for the seller to obtain the maximum profit from the sale of the property. The best agent is an experienced professional who listens to you, conducts business in an ethical manner, and knows the local market.”

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