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Living in Historic North Hill

Historic North Hill Illustration by Emily Woodson

From Fort George Memorial Park to West Blount Street, North Hill is steeped in history! Pensacola has been hot property since the 1700’s and it’s no surprise considering the paradise we call home. Homes built in the Historic North Hill neighborhood date back as far as 1884. Many of these homes have been miraculously preserved and meticulously restored by passionate individuals in our community! What is it that makes these extraordinary houses so charming?

The first thing you notice when you approach structures like the Historic E. W. Menefee House is the grandeur! “Square fluted columns and crown molding is often the hallmark of a Victorian home. These features add a stately presence to these structures.” – Mark Lee, Realtor with Levin Rinke Realty and North Hill native! Many of these homes are being renovated with modern conveniences while preserving the antique qualities.

It is as if these Victorian homes were designed for entertaining. “The wraparound verandas Historic North Hill is famous for line the classic brick roads on Barcelona.” – Gary Michaels, Realtor with Levin Rinke Realty. Homes built in the 1910’s often have 9-12 foot ceilings. “High ceilings helped people get through hot summer days without air conditioning. This translates perfectly into the modern design when renovating the historic homes” – Cherry Fitch, Realtor with Levin Rinke Realty.

Elegant bay windows and colorful stained glass aren’t the only reason to love these antique homes! “It was such a special experience to grow up in North Hill”- Mark Lee. Each unique home has any number of exciting and unusual features. The true beauty of Historic North Hill is that no two houses are the same inside and out.

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