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New Year New Home: The Benefits of Buying New Construction

With a massive influx of new construction in 2018, Pensacola is set to see more options than ever for potential home buyers! Whether you’re interested in a fresh condo in the heart of downtown or a single-family home with lots of character, new construction has so much to offer.


When you work with a great builder, there is a long list of perks that come with buying pre-construction. The ability to customize your home without lifting a finger is alluring. A new construction home is designed complete with contemporary elements. “Modern must-haves like open kitchens, big master baths, and expansive storage might not be so easy to find in midcentury homes.” – Jeremy Johnson, Realtor. The convenience of having all the latest technology without the hassle of drilling holes in your wall is a massive benefit!


One of the biggest benefits of buying pre-construction is the investment potential!  All new appliances mean low maintenance and modest utility bills for years to come. “When you consider the savings that come with new energy efficient techniques, investing in a new construction home is every bit as affordable as a preowned property.” – Lisa Roy, Realtor. Many builders offer financing options that sellers simply can’t afford to allocate. Not feeling the pressure of competing buyers rushing for one product is a huge bonus! Flynn Built is a responsive new home contractor located in Pensacola and operating along the Gulf Coast. Creating craftsman style brick homes, Flynn Built makes an excellent example of modern accommodations that never sacrifice aesthetic.


The downside to some new construction is the location! Many developments happen in remote suburban areas far from destinations causing nightmarish commutes. A bitter lack of mature landscaping and a glaring scarcity of neighborhood charm can leave your house feeling less like a home. Fortunately, new construction in Pensacola disregards every potential flaw! An incredible example of this is The Warfield, a luxury multi use condominium, being built in the historic Seville district. “The Warfield is walking distance to Wahoos Stadium, Palafox Street, and the brand new YMCA! High quality housing options located in the heart of Pensacola offer something for everyone.” – Larry Kuhn, Realtor.


Pensacola continues to grow and refine itself as a city that is as hip as it is historic. Unforgettable days and eventful nights define Pensacola now more than ever thanks to the distinguished improvements made by developers. The compelling balance between aged Spanish architecture and innovative design is a big part of Pensacola’s beauty! The benefits of buying pre-construction here are unique due to the variety of expanding neighborhoods in Pensacola. You can have a newly built home anchored in a thriving community like East Hill or a cutting-edge loft with access to all the culture, cuisine, and amenities of Seville Square.

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  • Buying a newly-constructed home can be a great way to start the new year off right! Not only can you customize the home to your own tastes and preferences, but you can also benefit from the latest energy-efficient appliances and materials that help reduce your utility bills over time. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re the first person to live in the home is invaluable!

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