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Support Your Local Community in Downtown Pensacola

Award-winning Downtown Pensacola is a big part of why Pensacola locals boast a high quality of life and what makes Pensacola an attractive tourist destination. There are many positive factors attributing to the success of our downtown, but the biggest is the Downtown Improvement Board.


The mission of the Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) is to promote and enhance Downtown Pensacola as a vibrant cultural and commercial destination for residents, businesses, and visitors.

One of the ways they fulfill their mission is by making parking easy to find, friendly, and affordable.


  1. Easy to find: Did you know the DIB controls 44% of public parking available downtown? It’s easy to spot, just look for the teal blue signs!

2. Friendly: Never worry about getting towed or booted in the DIB lots. Our parking guys are the friendliest public servants you will ever meet. They’ll help you use the meters, download the parking app, and answer any question you have regarding downtown parking, cleanliness, and safety.

3. Affordable: When you can’t find and utilize the free parking (nearly one third of all DIB parking is free, two-hour parking!), you can pay less (only 50c an hour) than private parking and feel good about it as your parking dollars go right back into the local community—for better lighting, enhanced security, cleaning, repairs and other improvements to your downtown parking district.

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