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The Importance of Ethics in Real Estate

The guiding values at the core of an organization have a lasting impact on the clients served. Globally, the real estate industry is one of the largest asset classes. The nature of the industry goes beyond a transaction. When assets are at stake, matters of ethics are extremely important.

Selecting an agent to represent you during the process is a big decision. They need to have good moral values that are supported and developed by the company at large.

How can you know that an individual in an organization has the virtuous nature you’re counting on? Here are 3 factors to evaluate when choosing a real estate company’s ethics:

  1. Integrity is clearly showcased through the empathy agents have for clients. When a Realtor is mindful of timelines and protective of privacy, you can trust you have found someone with high integrity.
The Importance of Ethics in Real Estate
  1. Responsibility comes from understanding true accountability. Responsible agents have profoundly technical knowledge of laws like The Fair Housing Act. 
  1. Community loyalty is a great indication you’ve found an agent dedicated to preserving the area’s lifestyle for the future. A community leader celebrates the resulting growth! 

Fundamentally, a Realtor’s fiduciary duty is to be completely honest with clients, peers, and the public. In truth, fairness is made a reality through transparency, not comfort. There is no way to make the best decision for your family’s future without accurate data collected by ethical Realtors. 

In the business of real estate, partnering with a highly ethical organization is imperative. When you find a Realtor who has excellent relationships with other agents, it stands to reason that integrity, responsibility, and community are all factors contributing to an exceptional reputation.

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