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What it means to be still locally owned, operated, and invested?

By: Benjamin Davidson & Emily Woodson

Economic growth continues nationally with home sales and prices rising dramatically. The recent real estate boom has flooded the market with new agents and brokerages. With national names constantly buying out local brokerages it’s hard to find a company that’s still truly local.

Locally owned

The Value of Locally Owned and Invested Businesses

When you think about local business, it may seem vague. Fundamentally, a local business is one owned and operated by a member of your community. Supporting a local business means keeping money circulating within your own county, city, and neighborhood.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of the local economy and lead the community in positive change and economic growth having a vested interest in the community in that they reside.

With a reputation to uphold, local businesses tend to prioritize customer relations. The owners are more responsive due to their personal connection with their clients.

The clarity and simplicity, and accessibility found in communication with a local business are unparalleled.

Entrusting the experts in your local businesses with your patronage is an investment in your own home.

Value of Locally Owned and Invested Businesses

Staying True To Its Roots

For the past 25 years, one company has been a staunch supporter of the local community. “From day one we started with the question: ‘How can we stay true to our community.’ We knew that we could never sell out to a national franchise, in order to give back in the way we wanted. It was never a question.” said broker/owner Robert Rinke. “Levin Rinke Realty’s owners have always taken pride in living, working, and playing here. This is our community and we love giving back to the people that are responsible for making us the #1 independent real estate brokerage in the area.”

The fact that the brokerage remains locally owned empowers the company in many ways. “As a local brokerage, we do not have to support the national franchise fees which can be crippling.” Said Gary Michaels, Realtor at Levin Rinke Realty. “This means that we can spend exponentially more on marketing our listings, our agents, and giving back those causes that have a lasting effect in our community.”

Realtor Lia Bullock and Ellis Bullock IV at the Soundside Splendor benefiting the Children’s Home Society of Northwest Florida

Championing The Community

At the helm of this community, commitment is Ms. Teri Levin, owner and Chief Philanthropy Officer at Levin Rinke Realty. “We ingrain social responsibility into the fabric of our company culture from day one. Our agents are required to volunteer and participate,” says Ms. Levin. ”At Levin Rinke Realty, we echo the support the community has shown us by getting behind causes that our community cares about. We do this through volunteering and financial support. That’s a responsibility Levin Rinke Realty takes very seriously.” Levin Rinke Realty participates in a wide range of non-profit and charity events each year and donates even more. Some of these include Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, Sacred Heart Children’s Foundation, Soundside Splendor, and many more.”

“In the past 25 years, we’ve proved that no matter what happens we will be here. We are invested in our community and will continue to put it first.”

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