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Commercial Property for Sale in Elberta, Alabama

Elberta has plenty of desirable commercial properties, so, if you are looking for commercial property for sale Elberta Al, end your search right here at Levin Rinke.

If you’re attracted to small-town vibes, consider commercial property in Elberta. This small town in Baldwin County, Alabama is about 25 minutes from the Alabama Gulf Coast and 35-minutes from Pensacola, Florida. The real estate market in Elberta has increased by $96 per square foot in the last six months. Moreover, Elberta real estate achieves an average price of $471,500.

There’s never been a better time to buy commercial property in Elberta.

Reasons to live in Elberta, Alabama

Many people are keen to live in Elberta due to its suburban feel. It is safe, peaceful, and affordable. Retirees and young professionals enjoy living here, so if you are looking for Elberta commercial real estate, you’re at the right place. The unemployment rate is around 3%, comparatively less than the US average, at 6%. The region has seen a 3.3% increase in the number of jobs in recent times. You need not worry about your kids educationeither as the public school is considered above average.

Elberta is located near the Gulf Coast and urban areas. The cost of living is 12.2% less than the the US average and most cities in this state. Overall prices of housing, utilities, grocery, transportation, and other costs are also reasonable.

In short, buying commercial real estate Elberta, Al could be one of the best choices you have ever made. Explore the range of options at Levin Rinke Realty and find the best option for you.

Neighborhood in Elberta, AL

There are more than 30 cities in the neighborhood of Perdido Key. The perfect mix of occupation and culture makes it a better place to live in. Shores, Emerald, Chandelle, and Chevalier are some the most popular neighborhoods here. People love the place due to its cleanliness, standard of living, and family friendliness.

Western Elberta contains some of the most desirable areas, whereas the southwest regions consist of more affordable homes. The best neighboring areas include Perdido Beach, Milins, Seminole, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Bon Secour.

Location – Elberta, Alabama