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Commercial Property for Sale in Foley, Alabama

Thinking of buying a home in Foley, Alabama commercial properties? Explore the commercial property for sale in Foley Al here at our site and get the best deals.

A small city in the Baldwin County of Alabama, Foley also happens to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Its suburban feel, affordability, and low cost of living are some of the reasons why people are so keen to buy Foley commercial properties.

The average price of Foley real estate has seen an upward trend of 4 US Dollars (3%) per square foot over the past six months.

Reasons to Live in Foley, Alabama.

Most residents choose to live in this beautiful place because of its warm weather and proximity to the coast. Did I forget to mention the low cost of living? If you’re thinking of putting money in Foley commercial real estate you can expect excellent returns on your money, and you’ll also get to live in a utopian community.

The average rate of unemployment in the US is 6%, so you may be surprised to find out that Foley’s unemployment rate is just 2.9%. So, you cannot face difficulty in finding a job here. The cost of living in Foley is 15% lower than the US average. The city’s crime rate is also lower than in other major Baldwin County cities. The quality of education on offer is also high.

Foley has several museums. Multiple dining choices serve food lovers with coastal delicacies. What’s more? You can take part in lavish events and festivals in this city throughout the year. So, why not make the most of it?

Here you can live your life to the fullest. Looking for weekend entertainment? Enjoy a weekend beach getaway when you explore the sandy coastlines along Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. There is something for everyone in this amazing place. Experience peace, enjoy coastal life, and steer clear of the hustle and bustle of tourists, not to mention earning profits in the commercial real estate sector.

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Foley Neighborhoods

Foley has some wonderful neighborhoods – Spanish Fort, Magnolia Shores, Daphne, Lilian, Orange Beach, Loxley, Gulf Shores, Elberta, and Silverhill.

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Location – Foley, Alabama