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Condo for Sale in Elberta, Alabama

If there’s a place to buy condominium houses, Elberta it is! A modern town with all the necessary amenities, condos for sale in Elberta, Alabama are worth every penny. So, if you are interested in buying condos in Elberta, Al, explore your options at Levin Rinke. We have thousands of condos listed on our platform. Come and check them out!

Living in this quaint, small town is a beautiful experience. Located in Baldwin County, Alabama. Elberta is a historic agricultural community. It is 25-minutes from the Alabama Gulf Coast and 35-minutes from downtown Pensacola. It gives you the advantage of enjoying the small-town vibes while being close to stunning beaches. The Gulf beaches are just 16 miles away.

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Why Live in Elberta, Alabama?

Living in this quaint town offers suburban rural mixed vibes. That is why most homebuyers prefer buying homes in Elberta. Many young professionals and retirees live in Elberta because the place is tranquil, safe, and affordable. There’s no shortage of jobs here with an increase of 3.3% in job vacancies. The town has an unemployment rate of 2.9%, lower than the national rate of 6.0%. Elberta has several public schools, all of them above average.

Affordable housing and cost of living are major drawpoint for homebuyers to this beautiful town. Over the past few months, the Elberta real estate market has recorded a rise of $96 in the average price per square foot. Further, the average sale price in Elberta real estate is up to $471,500.

Elberta is a small town close to urban areas and the Gulf Coast. The cost of living here is 12.2% lower than the U.S. average and most cities in the state. In some areas, the cost of living may be higher than in others on a state and federal level, but the overall average housing, grocery, utilities, health care, transportation costs, and miscellaneous goods and services are less expensive.

Elberta, Al Neighborhood

Some of the best neighboring areas of Elberta are Milins, Perdido Beach, Lilian, Foley, Seminole, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Bon Secour, and Summerdale. These areas are all safe, affordable, and equipped with modern amenities. All in all now is the right time to buy condos in Elberta, considering all the above factors. Go check out our listings and explore your options with us!

Location – Elberta, Alabama