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Homes for Sale & Cantonment Real Estate

About 25 minutes outside of the Pensacola Metro Area lies a medium-sized suburb called Cantonment, which is rapidly growing in popularity for its wide range of property options. You can find Cantonment homes in different styles, sizes and according to the amenities you are looking for. You can also pick homes with acreage, which is one of the reasons people choose to buy a home in Cantonment. Besides this, you also get the option to purchase land and build your own home.

With so many realty options to choose from, Cantonment is fast becoming a more popular place to call home. So, if you are planning to make it your permanent residence, it’s time to check out Cantonment homes for sale where you will find enough selection to finalize your perfect place and call it home.

Why Choose Cantonment, Florida, as a Place to Live?

Popular for being both a military and beach community, Cantonment has become the top choice of people to spend their entire life. An affordable cost of living along with pleasant climatic conditions with year-round sunshine and growing job opportunities are some of the key factors contributing to its boom. Above all, it is an ethnically diverse region consisting of inhabitants from a wide variety of backgrounds, which indicates a peaceful community.

$210,865 is the average Cantonment Home price, which is less than the US median price of $376,286, and also the state median price, which stands at $320,679. It is also very affordable to rent homes in the area. In terms of safety, the region has a lower crime rate than the average city in the US. With its affordability and easy access to beaches, nightlife, and more, Cantonment makes the perfect place to retire.

Cantonment Neighbourhoods

The north regions offer more affordable homes while northwest parts of the city tend to have the most desired areas when it comes to real estate in Cantonment, Florida. Home prices are less expensive as compared to the state’s average. Being close to Pensacola, you get easy access to the Northwest portion of Florida that feature white, sandy beaches with year-round gorgeous weather. The nearby cities include Gonzalez, Cottage Hill, Ensley, Bellview, Ferry Pass, Beulah, Brent, Molino, Seminole, and Pace; all of which have been considered the best neighborhoods according to the market.

Cantonment is known to have a lower crime rate and higher quality of life. The area has been A-rated in terms of safety and standard of living. Since many locals work outside the city boundaries, walkability, commutability, and transportation in Cantonment majorly rely on people’s own vehicles. Overall, you will never get bored of living in and around the Cantonment area.

Check out the houses for sale in Cantonment, FL today.

Location – Cantonment, Florida