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Lots & Land for Sale in Pace, Florida

Located in Santa Rosa County, Pace is a captivating city and a flourishing suburb of Pensacola. The real estate and commercial sector here is undergoing a major transformation, increasing incentives for home buyers to consider buying land in the city. If you’re thinking of buying land for sale in Pace, Florida, you couldn’t have chosen a better time to do it.

Ranging from commercial real estate to townhomes and lots and lands to single-family homes and condos, you’ll find a property to suit your needs in Pace. Here, properties range in size from 700 feet to more than 6,300 square feet and there has recently been an upsurge in home sales.

If you want to buy the best property at the best price, Pace is the place to be. Browse through the Levin Rinke properties to find the details that will lead you to the ideal property choice for you.

Let’s get down to the details.

Why Live in Pace, Florida?

Pace is considered the foremost choice for homebuyers. Let’s find out why.

After a year of rising prices, Pace property prices have dropped slightly and the median house price is currently $323,000. Pace is one of the most comfortable places to live with the city providing a mixed rural and urban atmosphere. Considering lots for sale in Pace, Fl is a good choice if you want ultra-modern amenities along with that rural touch. Everyone dreams of living in a peaceful environment with all the facilities without the loss of scenic views. That’s what you’ll find in Pace.

The Pace education sector is top-notch, boasting first-class schools. When it comes to law enforcement, good health centers, and public parks the city has a lot to offer. As you can see, a quality life awaits you when you decide to buy lots and land for sale in Pace, fl.

Enjoy breathtaking views of emerald waters and white sandy beaches in this alluring city. These are lifestyle issues that make Pace land for sale a sought-after real estate option. The serene environment, the amenities, and the many popular places, all add up to an idyllic residential option that few cities can beat.

Pace Neighborhoods

Pace is located close to Pensacola and Milton. Many buyers prefer buying land for sale Pace fl in the northwest of the city, though affordable housing options lie in the west. The median house price in Pace is $323,000 lower than the US median price at $370,700. Popular neighborhoods include – Cross Roads, Twelve Oaks Place, Covington Wood, North Harbor, Woodbine farms, Brentwood, Cross Roads, and Stonebrook Village.

Increased safety and a high-quality lifestyle are two important reasons making a move to Pace an appealing proposition. Explore the options right here at Levin Rinke and find out more about your dream property.

Location – Pace, Florida