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Top 5 Home Improvements To Make Before Selling

When preparing to sell your home, it is easy to create an overwhelming to-do list of updates and renovations. For homeowners wondering what to prioritize to get the best return on investment, here are the top 5 home improvements to focus on in 2022.

Information as per the National Association of Realtors as of 12.20.21.

With 86% of homes on the market for less than a month, low inventory has homes selling quickly. The expense and time needed to renovate has many homeowners asking about the value of updating when homes are receiving an average of 3 offers. 

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To take the headache out of making a great impression on potential buyers, we have put together a quick checklist to focus on. 


A tidy home communicates to potential buyers that the property has been well cared for and maintained.


Don’t let a mess or clutter distract buyer’s from your property’s potential. The more empty storage, the better.


In order for buyers to envision themselves in your home, it’s best to remove most family photos and keepsakes. Too much personalization can be confusing but a few touches can help tell the home’s story.

Freshen Up

A few plants can make a big difference in making your home appear inviting. 

Define Spaces 

Empty rooms can make a house feel cold and uninviting. In contrast, a few simple pieces of furniture add warmth and convey a room’s purpose.

Interior Walls

Most likely, any wallpaper remnants from decades past won’t match with the buyer’s vision for their new home. Take the time to tear it down and add a fresh coat of warm neutral colors.


Hardwood flooring has proven to be a low-maintenance solution appealing to nearly everyone. In kitchens and bathrooms, go with ceramic tile if you can afford it. Alternatively, use high-quality vinyl tiles that mimic more expensive materials. 


In addition to natural lighting, don’t forget about your home’s ambient, task, and accent lighting. Consider replacing all the bulbs with LEDs.


Crack in the ceiling can be a red flag! If the foundation only looks bad but has been deemed sound by an inspector, repair the cracks so you don’t scare off buyers for no good reason.


Make sure your lawn, hedges, trees, and other plants are neatly pruned, and be sure to get rid of any weeds. Wash windows well, and consider adding flower boxes to brighten them up even more. If you can, power wash your home’s exterior—this can make it look almost freshly painted but with less effort and expense.

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