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Townhome for Sale in Cantonment, Florida

Cantonment in Florida is a sprawling residential area stretched between Perdido River in the west and Escambia River in the east. It is a town in Escambia County that features many parks and natural areas.

If you are planning to buy a townhouse, Cantonment is the right location. You will find many good townhomes for sale in Cantonment, Florida, at affordable prices. Townhomes in Cantonment, FL, are modern, secure, spacious, and beautiful. They are equipped with all the modern amenities you need in your day-to-day life. These ready-to-move luxurious townhomes are worth it.

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Why Choose Cantonment, Florida, as a Place to Live?

Cantonment is popular for being both a military and beach community. That makes it a top choice for people to spend their entire life. The area offers an affordable cost of living along with pleasant climatic conditions. Further, growing job opportunities and year-round sunshine are key factors contributing to its boom.

The area has many recreational spots allowing residents to enjoy activities like hiking, camping, swimming, picnics, fishing, and more. Moreover, Cantonment is an ethnically diverse region where inhabitants from a variety of backgrounds live together. That means Cantonment has a peaceful community, another significant reason to live here.

If you are considering a home purchase, how could you forget the price? Buying a home in Cantonment is more affordable than in the rest of Florida. The average home price in this region is $210,865, which is less than the US median price of $376,286.

Lastly, the region has a lower crime rate than the average city in the US. Affordability, easy access to beaches, peaceful community, and exciting nightlife – all these make buying Cantonment townhomes the perfect decision.

Cantonment Neighborhoods

Home prices in Cantonment are lower than in the rest of the state. Being close to Pensacola, you get easy access to white, sandy beaches and gorgeous weather in the northwest portion of Florida. The neighboring cities include Cottage Hill, Gonzalez, Ensley, Bellview, Ferry Pass, Brent, Molino, Beulah, Seminole, and Pace, all considered the best neighborhoods according to the market.

Cantonment is known to have a higher quality of life. The area has been A-rated for safety and standard of living. Since many locals work outside the city boundaries, they rely on their own vehicles for transport. Overall, you can never get bored of living in and around the Cantonment area.

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Location – Cantonment, Florida