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Townhome for Sale in Navarre, Florida

Looking for a family-friendly destination to buy your new home? Consider buying townhomes in Navarre, Florida!

Navarre is a beautiful coastal city located in Santa Rosa County between Destin and Pensacola, It was once ‘Florida’s best-kept secret’ but today it is one of Florida’s fastest developing towns. Recognized for one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, Navarre is also one of the fastest-growing communities in Santa Rosa County.

Talking about the real estate market here, you can find many luxurious townhomes for sale in Navarre, Fl. Equipped with modern amenities, Navarre townhomes are affordable and located in some of the best locations.

Residential properties in Navarre come in different sizes ranging from approximately 800 to over 4,500 square feet. This covers a broad price range from $38,999 to around $3,100,000. Buying a Home in Navarre brings everything that homebuyers search for when choosing a good community.

Explore our home listings based on your preferred location and budget and choose the townhouse that best fits your needs.

Why Live in Navarre?

Navarre is a family-friendly destination with a laid-back lifestyle. Residents and tourists enjoy surfing, boating, beach days, paddleboarding, fishing, etc. The city boasts the Gulf of Mexico’s longest fishing pier, at 1,545 feet long. Hiking, bird watching, and camping are all popular pastimes.

The region features some top-rated schools and eco-tourism. Popular attractions include the Marine Science Center and Turtle Conservation Center, educational and engaging for all ages.

So, if you are ready to make Navarre your next home, we have agents who specialize in the Navarre area ready to assist you.

Considering townhomes for sale in Navarre, FL means you will get easy access to most of the hotspots and more privacy. This charming coastal city offers everything that you need to live a comfortable life – fresh air, safety, food, a wonderful climate, personal and professional development, peace of mind, and affordable cost of living. All this makes Navarre one of the best locations to buy a home.

Navarre Neighborhood

The neighborhoods of Navarre offer larger land parcels, popular among those seeking a bit more privacy.

Neighboring areas such as Fort Walton Beach, Hurlburt Field, Milton, and Gulf Breeze are all easily accessible and convenient from Navarre. You can reach Interstate 10 in 20 minutes by taking Hwy 87 north. Navarre beach lies just across the causeway and offers picturesque views of clean and less populated beaches.

These areas make the best Navarre neighborhoods. With lower crime rates and higher quality of life here, it is a perfect family-friendly place to live. So, start exploring your options today!

Location – Navarre, Florida