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Townhome for Sale in Pace, Florida

Interested in buying a townhome in the beautiful city of Pace? Check out our listing of townhomes for sale in Pace, Fl, and finalize the property that best fits all your

People from around the world admire the peaceful suburb of Pace, where the Escambia River reaches the bay. The city of Pace is a fast-growing community with a rich heritage, military support, all the modern amenities, and a vast real estate market. The housing property prices are pretty affordable, which is why home buyers are interested in buying homes in Pace.

Why Choose Pace Florida as a Place to Live?

Pace market trends indicate a rise of $14 (9%) in the average price per square foot in the last couple of months. What makes Pace a top choice for homebuyers?

With thousands of residents calling it home, Pace in Florida is one of the best places to live. Pace has both a rural and urban feel – the fresh rural atmosphere and urban amenities. Townhomes in Pace are all equipped with ultra-modern amenities that people need in their day-to-day lives. Getting such facilities amid peaceful ambiance, and scenic views is no less than a dream come true. Further, the region is home to some of the top-performing schools, law enforcement agencies, beautiful public parks, good health centers, and much more. In all, Pace boasts its high-quality life in the best way.

The city also offers quick access to white sandy beaches and beautiful emerald waters. All this could make anybody fall in love with its serenity and tranquility. Overall, the city offers a slower pace of life with all the benefits of a big city, making it one of the most popular places to buy townhomes in Pace.

Pace Neighborhoods

The city’s location makes it easily accessible to Milton and Pensacola. There are numerous good neighborhoods and small subdivisions in Pace. With median house prices in the region starting from $245,934, buying homes in Pace is comparatively less expensive than the US median price of $376,286.

Some of the most desired neighborhoods of Pace are Woodbine Farms, Stonebrook Village, Cross Roads, Tamrell Forest subdivisions, Brentwood, Oak Leigh Place, North Harbor, Covington Wood, and Twelve Oaks Place, and Copperfield.

With a higher quality of life and the utmost safety in the region, Pace makes a perfect place to reside. So, start exploring your options for the best townhomes in Pace and live your dream of having your own home today!

Location – Pace, Florida