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Waterfront Home for Sale in Elberta, Alabama

Find affordable waterfront homes for sale Elberta, Al with Levin Rinke. Filter out your options for luxurious Elberta waterfront homes for sale, and live your dream of owning a home in paradise.

Elberta is a small city in Baldwin County, Alabama. It is 35 minutes from downtown Pensacola and 25 minutes from the Alabama Gulf Coast. For beach lovers, the Gulf beaches are just 16 miles away. This historical agricultural community has small-town vibes along with a coastal lifestyle. No wonder this is a great place to buy Elberta beach homes and enjoy living near the beach.

Homebuyers often look for affordable properties, which is what Elberta has to offer. The real estate market in the region is booming with a rise of $96 in the average price per foot in the past few months. The average sale price in the region has risen to $471,500. So, buying a waterfront home in Elberta, Al, at this time could be a great deal!

Why Live in Elberta, Alabama?

It is a true paradise for those who want to spend their life in tranquility far from the urban hustle. Elberta is a beautiful, peaceful place that gives a suburban rural feel. That is the reason many young professionals and retirees live here. The locals are conservative. If you are concerned about job opportunities, don’t worry! The unemployment rate in Elberta is 2.9%. In the last couple of months, the region has experienced a job rise of 3.3%. The public schools in Elberta are all above average.

Elberta is a small town in close proximity to the Gulf Coast and some popular urban areas. The cost of living in the region is affordable, around 12.2% lower than the U.S. average. While some areas have a higher cost of living, the overall average grocery, housing, utilities, transportation costs, health care, and miscellaneous goods and services are generally less expensive.

Because of these benefits, Elberta is one of the best places to live. So, without wasting time, check out our fresh listings for Elberta waterfront homes and start your house hunt with the experts today.

Elberta, Al Neighborhood

The Elberta neighborhood is worth exploring because of its affordability and safety. The most desired areas are located in western Elberta, while more affordable homes are usually in the southwest regions Some of the most desired neighboring areas are Milins, Foley, Lilian, Seminole, Perdido Beach, Bon Secour, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Summerdale.

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Location – Elberta, Alabama