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Waterfront Home for Sale in Gulf Breeze, Florida

Looking for a home on the water? Waterfront homes in Gulf Breeze, Florida might be the perfect option. Browse through our listings of waterfront homes for sale in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Gulf Breeze properties span 4 distinct water bodies – Pensacola Bay, Santa Rosa Sound, several canals, and bayous. All of the waterfront homes built along these waterways provide spectacular views. Most are luxurious yet they come at affordable prices. Several homes have private docks, boathouses, and piers. All these properties provide easy access to the gulf.

If you are interested in Gulf Breeze beach homes for sale, contact us today to enquire about your preferred property from our listings.

Why Live in Gulf Breeze, Florida?

Living in Gulf Breeze fulfills all the requirements homebuyers look for when buying a new home. These include location, affordability, safety, and peace. It is an awe-inspiring lush city located on the Fairpoint Peninsula in Florida. Surrounded by water on all sides and rich in natural vegetation, homebuyers and tourists are spellbound by the scenic beauty and tranquility of this place.

Naval Live Oaks tempt most homebuyers and tourists to this place to explore its natural beauty and it doesn’t end here. The city also boasts some of the best natural parks in the country. People can indulge in many watersports and other activities and enjoy quality time in nature. The city also houses many good cafes and restaurants that offer great food and ambiance. If you choose waterfront homes for sale in Gulf Breeze, Florida, you won’t be disappointed. The easy availability of all these amenities makes Gulf Breeze the perfect location to call home.

While the housing prices are more affordable here than in the rest of the state, you won’t even pay state tax. All these factors make the cost of living in Gulf Breeze very affordable.

Gulf Breeze, Florida Neighborhoods

Located across Pensacola Bay from Pensacola, Gulf Breeze is just a few minutes away from Pensacola Beach. Since it is surrounded by water on three sides, the Gulf Breeze neighborhoods are mesmerizing.

The top neighborhoods in Gulf Breeze include City Center, Fort Pickens, Woodlore Circle, Woodlawn Beach, Tiger Point, and Pensacola Beach. All these neighborhoods are well-developed and rich in natural beauty making living in Gulf Breeze the perfect choice.

Excited? Explore your Gulf Breeze waterfront home options and choose the one that resembles your dream house.

Location – Gulf-Breeze, Florida